Finding places to take the little ones to is always a struggle for any family – especially when overseas. Today we’re going to look at five of the best family friendly countries to visit in 2017.

1. Sweden

This Scandinavian country stands out as one of the best family friendly spots to visit – going as far as to get ranked as the best place for a family to live, in a recent survey posted by the Wall Street Journal.

It’s not hard to see why Sweden achieves such a high grade, with a whole host of activities for younger ones to sink their teeth into.

Hike through tranquil forests, cycle along picturesque country roads or take a dip in the vast array of crisp blue lakes Sweden possesses. If you don’t fancy a rural escape, cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg provide a great alternative option.


2. India

The city of Rajasthan might not be top of many people’s lists when it comes to must-see spots to visit, but the reality is this idyllic hub of life will actually greatly appeal to all members of the family.

There are plenty of hotels and transport links in the city, as well as a bevy of stunning locations to amaze the whole clan. The Lonely Planet states you can “Step into a living fairy tale in Jaisalmer’s labyrinthine old city; wander the blue-painted city of Jodhpur or the gold-dripping palaces of long-gone rulers.”

The kids will love getting about on the back of Asian elephants, as well as camel and rickshaw transport. This hub of culture is a perfect way to give them a first taste of the wider world and a different culture.

3. Thailand

Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination for young families, thanks to the wide variety of activities available to enjoy there.

A wide range of festivals are spread out sporadically through the year, from the exciting Songrakan Water fight, to the day of the Elephants in March.

Perhaps best for families is National Children’s day – which “offers many free events and activities for children throughout the country and is a great time to visit as a family.”


4. USA

The United States of America is always a good fall-back option when it comes to a holiday – with the variety the country provides meaning you’ll definitely be able to find something, which appeals to every member of the family.

Whether you want to try out a taste of the south – perhaps sinking your teeth into a cowboy experience – or would prefer experiencing the wild city life in somewhere like New York, everyone is going to have a great time.

Arguably, the best feature of the US comes in the form of the amazing food on offer all over the nation. If there’s one thing the Americans do well, it’s producing some of the heartiest and most delicious food on Earth. Keeping the kids happy is a lot easier to do when they have a full stomach.

5. Australia

From humble beginnings, Australia has risen to prominence across the last century as one of the top spots for any tourist looking for a trip away – regardless of their age.

That said, Oz certainly caters to families more so than any other demographic, with cities seemingly set up to ensure everyone has a good time when visiting.

Sydney is a particularly enjoyable spot, with cultural delights like the harbour and opera house, as well as more out-and-out fun locales like the sea life aquarium and wildlife zoo.

There’s also a whole heap of national parks to visit scoured across the country, as well as lots of lakes and beaches for playing and swimming in.

If you’re a family looking to book a trip away which you’ll all enjoy, these five nations should definitely be top of your priorities. Take a look at a vacation in one of these amazing spots for the coming year – you won’t be disappointed.

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