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9 Must-see Etsy shops for people that love travel

The traveler can find some extraordinarily creative and unique designs on Etsy.

If you don’t know what Etsy is, you should get familiar with it now.

Etsy is a unique online marketplace where you can buy custom, handmade and vintage items from independent shop owners from all around the world.

You can think of it like this: instead of shopping mass-produced items from big box (virtual) stores like Amazon, shopping on Etsy is more like walking down main street and popping in to a small local shop with distinct and sometimes quirky items that you just can’t find anywhere else.

And that is what I love most about shopping on Etsy. You almost always stumble across something you absolutely love, and didn’t even know existed!

In this article, I will share with you my all-time favorite Etsy shops with unique items related to travel, including custom travel art for your home, handmade travel bags, tags and luggage, custom travel journals, and so much more!

Disclosure: Links in this page will take you directly to shops on Etsy that we decided to feature. If you click a link and decide to make a purchase, we may earn a small commission on this transaction. This helps support the cost of running our website, and it adds absolutely no extra cost to you as the consumer. Thank you, we appreciate your support! You can read more on our disclosure policy.

Here are my favorite Etsy Shops for Travel inspired items


established in 2012
Shop owners: Luke & Abby
Where: Dallas, TX


About Wayfaren

Wayfaren has been on Etsy since 2012. Shop owners Luke & Abby are a husband and wife team with a passion for travel and making delightful handcrafted items. They have a fine selection of custom items related to travel inspiration including wall art for your home, cute travel journals, and custom keepsake boxes.

Browse current items in Wayfaren’s Etsy Shop Today


established in 2018
Shop owner: Tagir

Woodpec Studio.

About WoodPecStudio

WoodPecStudio is a very unique Etsy shop that specializes in custom designed wooden wall maps. These glorious multi-level wood wall maps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color schemes, so you are sure to find something that matches your home decor. What I think is a great feature is the option of using push pins to identify places on the map that you’ve visited or plan to visit. It would be a marvelous conversation piece to add to any living room, especially for families that want to travel the world together.

Browse current items in WoodPecStudio’s Etsy Shop Today


established in 2016
Shop owners: Tom & Sarah
Where: Halifax, England


About WanderCollective

WanderCollective specializes in travel gifts and stationary, with neat and extremely eye-pleasing custom designs. One item in their shop that I absolutely love is the “holiday fund” frames and jars, which is a fun way to set aside money for travel. A piece like this in your home will constantly remind you about your travel dreams and encourage you to save, little by little, so you can fulfill those dreams. They have a cute selection of travel cards to insert into the holiday fund frame. They also have a few options for travel posters and travel journals, as well.

Browse current items in WanderCollective’s Etsy Shop Today


established in 2014
Shop owner: Alfred
Where: Austin, TX


About travelcorner

Travelcorner is a travel-related Etsy shop that is focused on one thing – Maps. Not just ordinary maps, though! Travelcorner has the extremely fun scratch off wall maps, which allows you to scratch off (like a lottery ticket) all the places around the world you’ve visited. Or you can just scratch off neat designs if you haven’t traveled much beyond your own country. Either way, these scratch off maps are a very unique design piece for any home. They also have a small collection of vintage maps, too, that you can check out.

Browse current items in travelcorner’s Etsy Shop Today

Destination Handmade.

established in 2009
Shop owner: Jamie
Where: Houston, TX

Destination Handmade.

About Destination Handmade

Destination Handmade has been serving shoppers on Etsy since 2009 with a neat little collection of handmade travel-related accessories including luggage tags, passport holders, sleep masks, travel journals and more. Jamie uses high quality cotton and sturdy construction to make sure her products can withstand the difficulties of travel. Her store has a wide variety of fabric designs, so you are likely to find something cute that matches your style. She has made over 7,500 sales on Etsy, generally with very positive reviews.

Browse current items in Destination Handmade’s Etsy Shop Today

Gifts and Travel.

established in 2014
Shop owners: Vinnie
Where: Lviv, Ukraine

Gifts and Travel.

About Gifts and Travel

Gifts and Travel offer a small but interesting variety of original handmade items, most of which are made from vintage-looking leather materials. They offer the free option to personalize most of their accessories including leather travel journals, passport holders, luggage tags, and toiletry bags. Their designs are superb and high quality, as evidenced by the fact that they’ve sold more than 4,300 items since 2014 with glowing reviews.

Browse current items in Gifts and Travel’s Etsy Shop Today

Laverna Leather.

established in 2015
Shop owner: Igor
Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

Laverna Leather.

About Laverna Leather

Laverna Leather specializes in high-quality, handmade leather goods including many interesting and useful travel-related items that you won’t find at T.J. Maxx! For example, they have a leather jewelry case for travel that will keep your bracelets and necklaces from tangling, and your earrings from getting lost. They also have natural leather travel wallets with a variety of different sized pockets and a really neat design to show off. One thing I love is that they actually have a family-sized passport holder for up to 4 passports, ensuring that you keep your kid’s passports together and protected during travel.

Browse current items in Laverna Leather’s Etsy Shop Today

Mont5 Bags.

established in 2016
Shop owner: Bruno
Where: Little Rock, AR

Mont5 Bags.

About Mont5 Bags

Mont5 Bags sells these gorgeous vintage leather travel bags, and has made over 2,100 sales since 2016. Most of the leather bags are made from top-grain cowhide and can be personalized with your name, brand or initials. They also sell handy laptop sleeves and laptop bags, also (of course) made from genuine leather, as well as a collection of leather purses and wallets.

Browse current items in Mont5 Bag’s Etsy Shop Today

Traveling Tot.

established in 2010
Shop owner: Andrea
Where: Lansing, MI

Traveling Tot.

About Traveling Tot

So Traveling Tot has a long track record on Etsy and is run by Andrea, a mother of four and certified momtrepreneur in my book. This shop is well known for making these adorable (and comfortable) travel neck pillows for kids. These would be good for airplane flights or road trips, or heck, even probably for relaxing at home on the couch! They have a unique handmade design where there is less padding behind the neck for kid’s comfort and better ergonomic design. There are also a bunch of different fabric designs to choose from. In the shop you will also find a few interesting items like fabric roll ups for toy cars and crayons – a cute touch to entertaining your kids while out on the road.

Browse current items in Traveling Tot’s Etsy Shop Today

That’s a Wrap

Etsy is a unique marketplace that allows you to connect with other moms, artisans, and small business people that have a talent for crafts and design, and who put their hearts into the products they sell online. There are not a ton of Etsy shops related to travel, especially in comparison to jewelry or home decor, but I hope I’ve been able to show you that some excellent Etsy shops for travel do exist. Happy shopping!

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9 Must-see Etsy shops for people that love to travel

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