We are Orange County natives and have explored many nooks and crannies on our weekend jaunts around town. Many people visit Orange County CA each year to explore Disneyland or any one of our world-famous beaches.

But there are some less known places that are true gems – that are super cheap and family friendly – that we just keep finding ourselves going back to over and over again.

In this infographic, we share with you our top 7 cheap things to do in Orange County with kids. By design, everything on this list is affordable and friendly for families on any budget. In fact, each of these OC destinations has great features that can be enjoyed for free!

So whether you are visiting Disneyland from out of town and have a few extra days wondering “What is there to do near Anaheim?”, or you are a Southern California native like us, if you have free time this weekend why not visit one of these great destinations.

How many of these places in Orange County have you seen? We designed the infographic as a challenge to find out whether you have truly explored the best of Orange County CA.

Infographic 7 things to do with kids in orange county ca

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If you are visiting Orange County or happen to live here, comment below and tell me your favorite affordable OC activities. What did I miss?

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