Every year we kill ourselves at crunch time before summer, but let’s keep the momentum going during the summer!

I know it is hot, but my guest blogger today, Brenan has got some great and easy ways to stay in shape all summer long!

Every year we have our New Year resolutions: diets, stop unhealthy habits, go jogging, read more, etc. There are many optimist goals for each of us ready to be conquered. Later, to be presented to our peers, family, and friends. Getting in shape for summer holidays is usually one of these goals. Going to the beach, the mountains, swimming with friends and visiting exotic places is much easier when you are fit. You’ll be ready for the demanding activities of the trip when you are not worried about how your body looks in a tiny swimming suit.

Getting fit for the summer is not only about losing weight. It is also about being ready to face the challenges a trip to the mountain can entail. Imagine going with groups of friends for a few days to the mountains. You need to have strong legs for the walk, good reflexes, strong arms to carry all the equipment. To increase reflexes and perception, many people are turning to the consumption of Peak Nootropics Noopept, combined with the following fitness workout to be fit and ready for the summer:

5 Summer Fitness Workouts to Get in Shape

1. Work out in the morning, Squads are the perfect solution!

Squads are wonderful to tone your legs and also your glutes. One of the main parts of the body either for showing off a wonderful swimming suit or for walking your way out of a rocky road. Stand with your legs a little wider than the length of your shoulder and try to sit in an “invisible” chair, stand and repeat this movement about 15 times, rest for a while and try again. To make the most of your squads try to move slowly, feel the tension of your muscles, and you will see better results.

2. Enjoy working indoors, planking can help you there

Planks can be a great idea to make a viral video, but they are also an excellent way to strengthen your core and your shoulders. You have to place your forearms on the ground, your legs must be straight, and it should be your toes the ones touching the ground. The idea is to stay still for as long as you can. Thirty seconds is a good number to start, and you can progressively wait longer until you reach a minute.

3. Hip-Raise Marches

Working your glutes again! Make sure you take one day to work some other part of the body before going back to glutes to avoid any kind of injuries or extreme fatigue of the muscle. For this movement, you have to lie on your back and raise your hips while squeezing your glutes. Once you are up, bring one knee up, return it to the floor and repeat with the other knee.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are great for increasing your strength, and it also engages the core, and lower body, the benefits of push-ups are therefore awesome. For a perfect push-up, you need to start from a high plank position, with your hands directly under your shoulders, lower your body keeping a straight line from head to toes. Repeat 10 to 15 times and rest for a while. Try not to sag or arch your back while doing push-ups because this may cause some pain in your back and will also cause the exercise to be ineffective.

5. Breathing and Staying hydrated is vital

Sometimes, due to the effort that is necessary to carry out the workout routines many of us forget how to breathe correctly. We hold our breath while we make the maximum effort in our exercise, and this is a terrible mistake. Keeping your body hydrated is also of the utmost importance. Sometimes water is not enough because it will not provide the minerals you are losing through exercise.

And finally, one last tip

Play fair

Do not cheat. This is the number one rule if you want this workout to do something for you. There is no benefit in exercising one day until you are exhausted and then doing nothing for the next four days of the week. Your body will lose whatever improvement obtained after one day of exercise and will go back to zero. So, be constant, and you will see the results.

Once you have finished reading this article, do not waste more time. Take a few minutes to practice this routine and prepare your body to excel during the summer holidays!

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