Whether you are single or attached, you can’t deny that love is on the brain this time of year. Unless you live in a cave, it would pretty hard to not notice all the red hearts, pink marshmallow peeps and jumbo boxes of chocolates. That’s right; it is Valentine’s Day!

Hitting the bar with your friends? Spending a romantic evening with your lover? Or sharing the love in big way (like me) with a night out with the whole family, kids and all? However you celebrate the day of love, one thing is for sure, we all LOVE a good drink! Because I love you, here are HotMama’s picks for 5 Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails and Mocktails.

5 Best Valentine's Day Cocktails and Mocktails

Berries are very seductive, so it is no surprise that these first to VDay cocktails not only have lots of sexy berries, but also hail from the sinfully sexy city of Las Vegas.

It’s The Berries
1 ½ oz. Azzurre Vodka (a locally owned Las Vegas spirit company)
¼ cup Fresh Blackberries
4-6 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 tsp. Sugar
½ oz. Lime Juice

Add berries, mint leaves, and sugar to shaker and muddle. Then add the Vodka and Lime Juice to shaker with ice and shake, shake, shake. Strain and pour into a Julep cup filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig and fresh berries.

It’s The Berries Mocktail
¼ cup of Fresh Blackberries
4-6 Fresh Mint Leaves
¼ oz Simple Syrup
3 oz of Lemon/Lime soda (Spirit/7-up)

Muddle berries and mint with simple syrup in plastic Julep cup, add crushed ice and fill with soda. Garnish with fresh berries and mint sprig.

Courtesy of Azzurre Spirits

Courtesy of Azzurre Spirits

Finding yourself single this Valentine’s Day. No worries. Whether you a ready to mingle or just want recover from a the wild ride of love, this next V-Day cocktail is for you.

The Breakup Shakeup
Atlantico Reserva Rum
Pimm’s Liqueur
Raspberry Puree
Cinnamon-coconut Simply Syrup
Lemon Juice
Dash Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

Unless you are really into making craft cocktails at home, chances are you will not have many of these ingredients on hand. I mean, I’m a bartender and I only have like three types of bitters on deck at all times. Priced at $12, wouldn’t it be more fun to just to get your booty to Las Vegas’ RHUMBAR?

If you do want to make this at home I would muddle Raspberries in shaker tin with ¼ oz of coconut syrup and ¼ oz of Cinnamon syrup. Then I would add ¾ oz Lemon Juice, a ¾ oz Pimms, 2 oz of aged dark rum and a tiny drop of vanilla extract and cherry extract. Add ice and shake. Strain into chilled Martini glass. I would garnish with fresh raspberries.

If you like to enjoy a little stogy with your cocktail, look for something sweet, mild with a hint of spice like the Romeo Y Julieta Reaserva Real.

The Breakup Shakeup Mocktail
This is a really complex cocktail with a lot of flavors popping off. Making a mocktail is a bit tricky, but it can be done.

2 oz. Cherry Vanilla Coke (this mimics the flavor of bitters and molasses of rum)
¾ oz. Lemon Juice
¼ oz. Cinnamon-Coconut Syrup (buy separately bottled and mix together)
¼ cup Fresh Raspberries

Muddle Raspberries with syrup in mixing tin. Add lemon juice and ice and shake. Strain into plastic Martini glass and add soda. Garnish with Fresh Raspberries.

Courtesy of RHUMBAR

Courtesy of RHUMBAR

What’s more romantic than a glass red wine? Yes, red wine is good for the heart, but we want more excitement for Valentine’s Day. We ain’t drinking for our health tonight, we are drinking for love. We want passion! So, let’s take it up a notch and turn boring glasses of wine and turn them into sexy V-Day cocktails.

Red Manhattan
Dash of Angostura
1 tsp Sugar/ ¼ oz
Splash Club Soda
4oz dry red wine (chilled)
½ oz sweet Vermouth
Orange twist

In a wine glass add sugar, Angostura bitters and club soda. Stir until dissolved. Add wine and sweet vermouth. Add a couple of ice cubes and stir. Twist the orange and drop into cocktail.

Red Manhattan Mocktail
4oz Cranberry Juice
½ oz Orange juice
Splash of Club soda

Add juices to plastic wine glass and ice. Top with a splash of club soda and garnish with an orange twist or wedge. Kids tend to like to eat garnishes, I find the wedge is a better option for little ones.

5 Best Valentine's Day Cocktails and Mocktails

Champagne and Valentine’s Day good hand in hand and champagne cocktails are a no brain-er. Valentine’s Day Cocktails are more fun when they are red and berries with champs is a match made in heaven. This makes my list of 5 Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails thanks to it’s simplicity and lusciousness.

Kir Royale
½ oz Framboise liqueur (or any raspberry flavored liqueur)
5 oz Champagne

Simple, simple, simple. Just add the Framboise to champagne flute and garnish with a lemon twist.

Kir Royale Mocktail

You do this a couple of ways. The simplest is just buying a raspberry flavored sparkling cider and garnish with lemon twist.

Another option is to get a Raspberry juice, like Ocean-Spray cran-raspberry, and top with club soda or Spirit (depending on how sweet you want it). Garnish with lemon twist.

Option three is simply add raspberry syrup to Spirit.

You basically want threes elements: Raspberry, bubbles, and fresh lemon scent.

5 Best Valentine's Day Cocktails

For Valentine’s Day, it is okay to be a little bit naughty. That’s why I think the Pink Pussy Cat is a perfect V-Day Cocktail. It is fun, flirty, fruity. Oh, and it’s PINK!

Pink Pussy Cat
2 oz. Gin
3 oz. pinapple juice
1 tsp of cherry brandy

Pour gin and juice into a old-fashion glass or low-ball glass (holla Snoop Dogg!) and add ice. Slowly pour the brandy over the top to float. Garnish with cherry.

Pink Pussy Cat Mocktail
5 oz. Pineapple juice
1 tsp of grenadine

Add Pineapple Juice to plastic low-ball glass and ice. Float grenadine on top. Garnish with cherry (or if your kids are like mine, LOTS of cherries).

5 Best Valentine's Day Cocktails and Mocktails

Blushing? Or have you just had too much to drink? Hehe. Whatever is making you pink in the cheeks, Valentine’ Day is the day of love. So, sip on something pretty and find your happy place. I hope these 5 Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails and Mocktails help you celebrate the love in your life! Love you long time! Cheers.