Who is Hot Mama?

If you've ever asked yourself, how can I travel more with my kids, then you are in the right place!!! So who is Hot Mama? Simply put, I’m an everyday wife and mother juggling our family’s crazy life while trying to squeeze in as much excitement as possible. I also happen to be a writer and bartender with a major passion for travel. Although I have taken many great trips with my husband, having kids did not slow us down. Where mama goes, the babies go. That being said, I rarely have a free a weekend. Not because I’m super cool and rolling in the dough, but because I understand what travel can do for a family’s bond. Whether it’s a week long getaway or a simple day trip, having a new shared experience or adventure replenishes the family conversation and as I like to say, “A family that travels together stays together.” Family Fun at Tradewinds Resort It may sound corny, but my childhood felt magical. My parents didn’t necessarily have a ton of money, but they always made sure we had something to look forward to and it made life exciting. The addicting feeling of anticipation was quickly embraced by my high school sweetheart as my family whisked him away on various getaways. Over a decade and two babies later, my now husband and I continue to carry on the tradition of travel with our family. cast The concept of travel can seem daunting, especially those with small children, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful task. I use the term travel to encompass locations near and far. Now that I am a mama, I understand the necessity to keep trips budget friendly. It really isn’t as hard as it looks. I will share all my tips on how to keep the quality of your vacations high, but your expenses low. My theory: the more money you can save on trips, means the more trips you and your family can take. I will also share my stories and give advice on how to keep your sanity when traveling with your little ones. When it comes to having a great family vacation, it’s not just about the location; it’s about the experience and making every trip memorable from start to finish. If you want access to epic destination guides, kick-ass travel hacks and priceless travel tips, all you have to do is enter your email and join the party! I promise to help you take your family on the road, making memories to last a lifetime!  

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