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5 Easy Ways to Staying Fit On The Road

Staying Fit on the Road

Being a busy mama, I understand that it can be hard to maintain a regular workout routine. Kids, work, housework and the chores never end. Throw in frequent travel and it can feel nearly impossible. Health experts claim that we need at least 30 minutes of cardio a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I …

10 Family Travel Taboos You Should Break

Family Travel Taboos

Mistakes. Mishaps. Fails. These Uh-Oh moments are not always a bad thing, if you learn from them that is. Happily, family travel provides plenty of opportunity for learning experiences. I have been traveling with my babies since they popped out of me and believe me, we have had our share of challenges, but I always …

5 Ways Kids Change Travel

5 Ways Kids Change Travel

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I was really baby-hungry, people used to ask me, “Don’t you want to travel more before you have kids?” As if I was throwing in the travel towel to suddenly live a stationary lifestyle. My answer was always an affirmative, “No.” I wanted my kids to see to the …

Where We’ve Gone: 2016 Travel Recap.

Wow! What a year. I can’t believe that the year is already coming to an end. Recently, I have been so focused on our travel plans for 2017 that I haven’t had to the chance to reflect on all the awesome experiences we have had in 2016. We got to cross a few bucket list …

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