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Ultimate Guide to The Queen Mary Scots Festival with Kids

The Queen Mary Scots Festival with kids

The Highland Games is the Scottish tradition of friendly rivalry between clans that goes back centuries. Bagpipes, drumming, dancing, kilts and heavy athletic events are all up for competition, making the events quite a celebration of Celtic culture. Although originally held solely in the actual Scottish Highlands, the Highland Games have spread all over the …

Ultimate Guide to Glasgow with Kids

Glasgow with kids

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and one of the friendliest, hasn’t always had such a positive reputation. Once a major shipping port and industrial center, Glasgow, like many big cities, had issues with overcrowding, sanitation and violence. Since then, Glasgow has gone through major changes and re-branding. Fabulous shopping and restaurants, Glasgow University and …

HotMama Diaries: Scotland

06.22.15 HotDaddy met us for lunch at this awesome place I discovered, called Hillhead Bookclub. The décor was eclectic, the atmosphere was relaxed and funky, and the food was yummy and reasonable. They serve basil-strawberry water, which looks gorgeous on the table. There is also a great craft-cocktail menu. One interesting cocktail for a group …

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