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Why Quick Getaways?

When you have the travel spirit, it doesn't take long to get the itch for adventure. We are big fans of traveling locally to help scratch that itch! Quick Getaways show you great staycation ideas for families, especially if you have just a day or two. Since we are locals of Orange County, CA, many of our Quick Getaways are in Southern California and represent our favorite weekend excursions.

Get Your Grub On

All guides feature our selection of the hottest places to eat with information on menu, cost, atmosphere, taste, and kid-friendliness.


What is travel without spirit!? Our guides highlight kid-friendly places to kick back and grab a drink. Our kids are not strangers to bars!

Entertain Me

Travel is about high-quality experiences. Our expert guides list all the best attractions for the whole family, while keeping costs in check.

Drop Your Bags

It is critical to choose accommodations that fit your family needs. We discuss our favorite options and what each destination has to offer.

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