Cast of Characters

Although there are many more players in the game, this our core travel group. My nephew Shayden thought it would be a good idea for you meet them and so do I. Not only do I enjoy sharing the people I love most with everyone, but I also think it helps bring into perspective the dynamics that are involved with our trip planning. We have a wide range of ages, interests and abilities to consider when taking a group vacation and it is important that everyone from Grandpa and Grandma to the toddlers have great time. It may seem overwhelming and quite honestly, sometimes it is, but making the effort is so worth it! Family is central in my life and traveling together builds memories that we can share forever.

The Kids:

"The Boss"

The Boss




"Wild Thing"

Wild Thing


"Cuddle Bear"


Cuddle Bear

    The Parents

HotMama & HotDaddy

Sis & Billiam

Shannon and Bill

  The Grandparents:

Papa & Grams

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