Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

When we were seventeen HotDaddy and I got into a big argument about where we would retire one day. I wanted to live by the sea and he wanted to live in a cabin deep in the mountains. We laugh about it now, but it was a pretty big deal back when we were emotional hormonal teenagers. Luckily, we live in Southern California where the best of both worlds is absolutely attainable. The beach to the mountains is no more than two hours apart, therefore it is not difficult to make frequent trips to Big Bear Lake. We have always rented cabins or stayed at resorts, but now we have a family RV we regularly stay at Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids. Check it out!

Big Bear RV Resort with kids

Keep the Cost in Check:

It is totally possible to get a good deal on cabins and resorts, but sometimes you have to sacrifice quality. I actually cried once after walking into a rental cabin. Seriously. Anyway, having an RV is really cool, because the costs of RV sites are reasonable for high-quality. For example, $76 a night will get you a room at the worst motel in Big Bear, but for $77 you get a lot at a five diamond RV resort. Plus with RVing you tend to cook more, saving money from dining out three times a day.

Drop Your Bags:

Big Bear Shores RV Resort is just beyond. The lots are immaculate, the views of the lake are spectacular and the amenities are great. It is our favorite place to stay when we visit Big Bear. Rates range from $77 a night to $125 a night for lake-front. The lots are privately owned while some rent their spots out. All the lots have cement pads, most have built-in BBQ’s and some even have fireplaces.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids
What a lot looks like

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids

Get Your Grub On:

We like to keep things simple when we RV. We have a lot of kids running around and don’t have the leisure to cook complex meals. Many of our meals are assemble-only, prepared at home and warmed up or delivered like pizza the first night. We even scatter a few restaurants in, because we like to see the village.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with Kids
Grandma’s Pasta Salad is a favorite!
Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids
Simple snacks
Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids
Lunch at Paoli’s


Stocking up a well stocked bar is always important when RVing, because there is a lot of time to sit, chat and drink. So on our RV trips all our favorite buddies are invited.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Bloody Mary: She is fantastic! She helps us start the day off right, makes us alert, happy and really nice. Sorry coffee.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids
Spicy, savory, satisfying

Rum n’ Coke: What a guy; perfect for bring the fun around the campfire.

Cerveza: That dependable friend that can hang all day long.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Vino: The gal you need for those mellow nights.

Fireball: Cause he is a blast and perfect partner post-cigar.

When we stay Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids, we like to venture into the village for a drinky. Many establishments offer beer by the pitcher, because you know we haven’t had enough beer. The cocktails are great at Peppercorns. I love their Peppercorn Martini. For a small mountain village, there are a ton of exciting options and it is fun to take a day to explore. For information check out Bars and Restaurants in the area.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids
Peppercorn Martini

Entertain Me:

There is plenty to do at the Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids, which is convenient if you don’t feel like driving around that day. For owners the amenities include access to the club house, the fitness center and the private marina slips. Renters are able to enjoy the pool and spa, the tennis courts, the basketball courts, ping pong tables, horseshoes and foosball tables.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

With kids you have to find ways to keep them busy and burn their energy up, so that they sleep and the parents can have some adult conversations around the fire. We like to spend days by the pool, followed by a nice scooter ride. We bring plenty of games, toys and activities to keep the kids (and dads) entertained at all times. You know I love a good theme, so I pick toys that represent our trip. If we go to Big Bear I bring the kids’ camping and bear toys.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Then when things get calm we fill the kids with sugar. Yep, smore time around the fire and then off to bed. It makes total sense.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids


To change the pace, partake in the many outdoor activities offered in Big Bear. Take a pontoon on the lake, go fishing, jet ski, hike, ski (in winter), snowboard (in winter), take a scenic sky lift ride for gorgeous views of the Big Bear Valley, parasail or mosey into the village. There is a movie theater, comedy night at The Cave, shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs, trolley rides, horse and carriage rides and much more. For more ideas check my Big Bear with Kids post, HERE.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

For more entertainment, visit during holiday weekend. Check out 4th of July at Big Bear Shores, HERE.

That’s a Wrap:

We just love our trips to Big Bear. Big Bear Shores RV Resort allows our family to enjoy the beauty of nature in a comfortable and reasonable setting. Furthermore, the kids love the freedom to explore and I love the serene views of the lake, because you know HotMama has got to have water nearby. It is safe to say that Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids will be a part of our family’s regular RV resort rotation.

Big Bear Shores RV Resort with kids

Have you ever been to Big Bear? Or stayed at Big Bear Shores RV Resort?

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I’m a busy working mama, who understands the importance of taking a time out to enjoy life. Always ready for an adventure, this mama will not hesitate to pack the family up and go. Family vacations are a great way to bond with your kids and create wonderful memories that they will carry with them throughout their life. A fabulous getaway doesn’t have to break the bank! I’ll give you the tips and tricks you need to make every trip memorable, reasonable and HOT!

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  4. I used to live in Big Bear… when I was one! My parents took me on a couple day trips as a kid, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been back.

    1. When you get a chance to visit again, do it. Really fun as an adult too!

  5. Looks like so much fun! You’re making some great memories for those kids (and for your self)!

    1. Thank you. I’m trying. Ha!

  6. Reminds me of when I went to Lake Havasu as a kid. Playing around on a lake rather than in the sea was such a novelty. Met some lovely people who let us ride their sea doos.

    1. I love Havasu. I haven’t visited with my kids yet, but need to. I love the vibe of lakes too.

  7. It looks like a great place to explore with kids! Beautiful pictures with a family feel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. Yes, Big Bear Shores is gorgeous and the kids love it.

  8. looks like loads of summer fun being had here. This is our sort place to stay we call them caravan parks in Australia. I always find them sociable as you meet new people and spend less money

    1. Yes isn’t the vibe great when RVing? Everyone is so relaxed, probably because we are all saving money. Haha.

  9. Mountains versus the Beach, is a classic dilemma for us too. The RV resort looks like a great place to head for with the family. I can see the kids having a great time.

  10. When I was a kid, my family would travel to the US, rent a motorhome and travel all over the country. I am still dreaming of an RV vacation with my husband and hope to do it soon. I’ve been to Big Bear (not to that campground though) and it is sooo beautiful there. Looks like you and the fam had a great time 🙂

    1. I’ve always fancied living by the sea, but like you say living in California is great, because you are also close to the mountains! Sounds great and Big Bear looks amazing as well!

      1. Yes. You’re never too far from various landscapes.

  11. Big Bear Shores sounds like a fantastic RV resort with our without the kids. We are camping in our RV right now and Big Bear is a new destination on my travel list!

    1. Definitely and they always have fun little events going on. Last year there was a chili cook off and everyone went all out with props and decor. You’ll have to try it some time!

  12. Wow! It really does look like you get a lot for a little. Lots of great stuff for the kids as well.

    1. It is a great way to visit Big Bear. Also many of the sites include the RV with rental. So you don’t even need to have your own.

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